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Katie Tank

Labor & Employment Law & Litigation

For over twenty-five years, Katherine Tank has helped employers lawfully and successfully address a variety of challenges in the workplace, from the hiring through the termination process. Ms. Tank follows the motto “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” and works proactively with her clients to effectively and efficiently advise and guide them from the onset of potential problems. This has helped many of her clients avoid time-consuming and expensive litigation. When all else fails, Ms. Tank provides representation before our state and federal courts and administrative agencies.

 Here are some of the labor and employment services offered by Tank Law:

● Policy/Handbook development, updates and legal reviews

● Employee and supervisor legal compliance training

● Wage and hour audits and compliance

● Disability law compliance, including reasonable accommodations

● Day to day practical risk management advice to avoid claims

● Defense of employers against all type of employment-related claims, such as wrongful discharge, discrimination, workplace harassment, workers’ compensation discrimination, family/medical leave, religious accommodations, wage/hour, final pay claims, breach of contract, etc.

● Representation of employers on union-related matters, such as organizing campaigns, representation elections, unfair labor practice charges, collective bargaining and arbitration

● Representation before the various employment-related enforcement agencies, including the Oregon Bureau of Labor & Industries (BOLI), the EEOC, the National Labor Relations Board, the Oregon Employment Relations Board, and the US Department of Labor

● Up to date information and guidance on new court cases, laws and regulations that impact employers


General & Commercial Litigation

Not all relationships come to a happy ending. When that happens, Tank Law is here to effectively negotiate an exit strategy or resolution, or if necessary, prosecute and defend business-related disputes. Tank Law has expertise in the following areas:

● Labor and employment litigation

● Commercial/business disputes

● Protection of intellectual property rights

● Personal injury claims

● Landlord tenant and real estate disputes

● Construction law and litigation


Corporate & Business Transactional Practice

Tank Law helps businesses form, evolve and thrive in today’s challenging economic climate. Ms. Tank has expertise in all types of business models, including non-profits, for-profits, professional corporations, and limited liability companies. This expertise spans across many key industries, including health care, telecommunications, real estate, manufacturing, retail and hospitality. Tank Law can help guide you in selecting the optimal business format, and then in properly establishing and maintaining your business. Once established, Tank Law can also advise you on your business transactions with customers, employees, vendors, and the like. Here are some of the services offered:

● Business formation and organization

● Corporate maintenance

●The sale, purchase, conversion or merger of a business or business interest

● Dispute resolution between business owners

● Negotiating and drafting commercial documents and contracts

● Preparing and enforcing noncompetition agreements, confidentiality and IP agreements that can help protect your business

● Regulatory compliance and advice





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